Thursday, September 23, 2010

if you do, it will bleed

bloodroot harvested from a forest in northern wisconsin

"You make something resembling blood. If there were a way home it would be a mystery, Flannery O’Connor might say. No use trying to prattle your way into mystery. But tell what you see, tell what the blood was like, and maybe a gesture will form. Probably unbearable. Certainly unclean. And then you will go ahead with your exile."
--Anne Carson, from "Untitled (Flannery)"


"And I thought/Of the tongue, of how it is a wound, a pool of blood,/And of how you should bind a wound."
--from "Pale Rider", Brigit Pegeen Kelly

--from the Revelations of Saint Gertrude

Thursday, September 16, 2010

exactly-- what is proof?

finger of st. thomas, the doubting apostle

detail of doubting thomas

"What gives the soul its deepest wounds brings to it best relief"
--Beatrijs of Nazareth