Thursday, October 14, 2010

red riding hood says,

visit the web issue of the inimitable fairy tale review. the wolf sent me.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

more fingers, more proof

detail from late 12th c. manuscript leaf at the Art Institute of Chicago

"[The Pope] holds the host with his left hand and points toward a chalice on the altar with his right. [...] A strange object, which appears to be a finger, rest on top of the chalice. Two sets of creases, visible underneath, mark its joints, and a fingernail has been delineated at the upper right."
--from "An Early Image of a Mass of St. Gregory and Devotion to the Holy Blood at Weingarten Abbey", Michael Heinlen, in Gesta, Vol. 37, No. 1

St. Gregory (Pope Gregory I) was saying mass when a woman present started to laugh during Communion, saying to a companion that she could not believe the bread was Christ, as she herself had baked it. Gregory prayed for a sign, and the host turned into a bleeding finger.

from The Sacred Shrine a Study of the Poetry and Art of the Catholic Church by Yrj Hirn, 1912

relic of the finger of thomas the apostle, rome, italy (my photo, taken 6/2009)